Steel Ocean – WoWS clone available on Steam

On the 12th of November this year, a new game appeared on Steam, as a competitor to World of Warships. It’s called Steel Ocean, and developed by ICE Entertainment  (no idea who this is).

It’s been impossible to test it properly because the only available server is in South America. No indication of more servers coming. Playing with a 2k ping is not so comfortable.

This is some info that came from screen shots and a bit of play time (Seb: will make a post with the pictures later):

– the player can control the entire spectrum of weapons on the vessel and can choose how to fire it
– you can unlock officers for the ship which seem to give some bonuses
– there are 6 classes
– the cruiser class is separated in to light and heavy cruisers
– there is a submarine class
– there are premium aircraft carriers
– top ships are mostly different from one another

In general, a competitor to Wargaming is there and appeared quite quickly. It might do ok in USA, but we’ll need to wait and see if it fits in to a niche in Europe and Asia.