Blog Sharing Day – November

It is time to spam other people with links to this blog 🙂 Anywhere would do. Forums, Steam, other blogs/sites WoT/WoWS related, social networks. Thanks if you participate!

I have a very difficult test today. Hope I will be lucky and pass it. I am not that happy since yesterday because of that AND the fact I posted the news late (believe it or not, the life of the blog depends on posting first!). So yeah. You would help me a lot if you bring new readers (even more than donating).

I think about disabling donations or merging all the donation banners into a single, smaller one with links to everything. What do you think? I will certainly do that if the future income from ads will be good enough to buy the expensive books I need (and other stuff, I will inform you of the shopping list for sure). See you in the comments section!