Storm Q&A – 11 Nov 2015

Q: Storm I want this tank in place of the 215b. Look how beautiful it is.

A: This is a Conqueror with added 14-15mm armour screens. Are you sure you want this?

Q: Are there any options/variants/possibilities?

A: Hull of this model + project turret with massive armour.

– WG is considering/discussing plans on how to deal with troll platoons. Storm won’t announce anything because there is no final decision.

– No comments about when DirectX 11/12 is coming. There was talk of it coming with HD maps at the start of 2016, Storm: Work is going to plan, I just don’t want to confirm anything too early.

Q: The render circle is too small. Put the old square in the new circle and everything will be ok. What’s happening with solving the problem of microfreezes upon a tank lighting up (drawing in)?

A: We can’t for technical reasons.
Microfreezes are being fixed by rewriting the code for rendering tanks and its effects.

Q: “We can’t for technical reasons.” Well are there any thoughts about rebalancing some personal missions for LTs and TDs?

A: I can’t comment.

Q: From Cyprus interview with Vyacheslav Makarov:
Murazor: What’s the story with single-core processors?
Makarov: It’s all bullsh*t! (laughs)
So the excuse of “sounds threaten single-cores” is invalid, what’s the real reason for delaying them (we know that you want to bring them with physics)?

A: More trash, more uproar!

Q: Top question of the year: Is Rubicon coming?

A: Wait for official announcements.