Victor Kislyi Q&A

Translated by Alex.

Murazor, Amway921 and Jove were invited to speak with Victor Kislyi at the WG Cyprus HQ.

Here are some key bullet-points from the interview:

– 10.0 – was screwed up.

– 9.12 was not planned, we urgently put together all those involved in this update, at all levels, and quickly made the decision that we have now, and there is no going back.

– We took the analysis of everything that has happened very seriously, and won’t put our hands down.

– I can’t say, right now, an exact date for the “real Rubicon”.

– We listen to and watch streamers and youtubers as they are the “voice of the people”.

– The list of things to do for the game is huge.

– Regarding new games from WG, there is a Chris Taylor game being developed in Seattle but it’s much too early to talk about it.

– Since the launch of various other WG titles, WoT hasn’t become just a “portfolio” game, it is still the primary project because it has more player than every other WG projects put together.

– Victors opinion is the “life cycle” concept for a game is outdated since the introduction of games such as World of Warcraft, League of Legends, they demonstrate that if you do things right (listen to players, good updates, maintaining quality etc.) that a game can live on indefinitely.

– WG is going to look at many things internally to ensure they can continue the life of WoT.