WoT Blitz Q&A with the Balance department

Praise Alex for translating this ๐Ÿ™‚

Q: Will we have class balancing for teams?

A: Ideal balance – is when everything is identical, but this is boring. The problem of super-effective positions of TDs is being solved through map changes. So there are no plans to limit classes in teams in the near future, we will enable it if it’s unavoidable.

Q: Are there any plans for balancing relative to “elite” or “stock” tank configurations?

A: No plans.

Q: Will we get balancing dependent on player skill, or a separate mode for ranked battles?

A: We don’t plan to count “skill” in Random battles. We are thinking about other modes, but it’s too early to talk about.

Q: Any plans to reduce the battle tier for “Frankentank” to tier VIII?

A: Battle tier won’t be touched. Other characteristic changes are possible, if statistics show that it’s weaker than its peers. We are trying to configure tanks so they don’t require limited match making, even if they have it in the PC version.

Q: Any plans to change platoon balancing. when there is a lower tier tank, so the lower tier tank doesn’t come up against tanks 2 or more tiers above it?

A: There is a simple solution to this, platoon with the same tier vehicles. There are no plans to make any exceptions for such platoons.

Q: I think the KV-2 alpha is too high. Will it get a nerf?

A: We are watching the statistics of all tanks, if the KV-2 stands out we will change the characteristics. Although we only change shell damage in very rare situations.

Q: I suggest reducing the view range of all tanks, this might make the game more interesting.

A: We have no plans to reduce view range: tanks will disappear at very close distances and it will seem odd and illogical. But we have some ideas about changing the spotting system.

Q: Are there any plans to increase profitability for damage for tier IX-X vehicles? I end up with a negative often, even after a good battle, without using consumables or premium ammo.

A: This can happen on vehicles added after the 1.1 update. We are planning to rework the economy.

Q: How come you don’t highlight the tactical advantages of different classes: TD camo, HT armour, MT maneuverability?

A: TDs do have more camouflage, and they receive a greater bonus from camo nets. Tanks are separated in to classes but there aren’t many vehicles that are specifically outstanding of their class. In this regard we are a bit limited by historical characteristics of the vehicles.