World of Warships Q&A: 3-9-2015

Q&A from 3 September 2015, pretty old stuffs here.
I’ve only translated most of them, for some reason.

Q: What is the account level?

A: It’s basically the level of an account – a separate branch” leveling in the game, as the achievement of which you opened the new features in the game.


1 – 0 AP – PvE Mode
2 – 500 AP – PvP Mode
3 – 1500 AP – Daily Missions
4 – 3000 AP – Free Experience
5 – 5000 AP – Ship Commander
6 – 7500 AP – Ship Upgrades
7 – 10000 AP – Signal Flags
8 – 20000 AP – Camouflages

Q: How to enable game replays?

A: Here:


Q: When will we see the Soviet and the German ship branchs:

A: Currently in development.

Q: Why does the timer to reconnect the battle is two minutes? It’s not enough.

A: There were some insignificant reasons. At the moment, the issue is reviewed, so it’s likely possible that the situation will soon change.

Q: Can a premium ship takes part in ranked battle?

A: At the moment, there is no restriction for a premium ship in ranked battle.

Q: Is there any plan to increase penalties for team killer?

A: We plan to. In the form of automatic locking of the suspected team killer’s account. But we will probably increase the penalties in upcoming major patches.

Q: What about the average visibility of the torpedoes?

A: The average value of the visibility of all the torpedo is now 1.38 km. The range varies from 0.7 km to 2.4 km.

Q: Do you plan to sell Diana, Tachibana, and Marblehead?

A: Unfortunately, these ships are only planned for promotional vehicles. They’re might be available as a reward from competition such as ship research marathon, bonus code rewards, and so on. Follow the news for upcoming changes.

Q: When will there be a Mobile version of the game?

A: We’ve been considering for it, but the time for its release is still unknown.

Q: How about affecting number of modules, perks, modifications flags?

A: In most cases, there is multiplication. Example: If the basic value is X, one perk increases by 10% and the second at 8%, so there will be:
x * 1.1 * 1.08 = 1.188 * x

Q: Why can‘t ships shoot at the maximum possible fire range like in reality?

A: In our game, ships shoot at the maximum effective fire range.