The 120 mm T53


You have probably heard about the American experimental heavy tank T34 somewhere, maybe from World of Tanks, War Thunder or Wikipedia. It’s described as having an excellent penetration at about 247 mm from 100 m, which is a feat compared to the German 8.8 cm KwK 43 gun armed on the Tiger II. But did you know that it could do more than that?

A bit of Background

The T34 was a WWII prototype heavy tank developed in 1945 in response to the German armored threats such as the Tiger II and Jagdtiger. The T29 was considered satisfactory enough in term of performance with its 105 mm T5E1, but lacked serious firepower in contrast to the 12.8 cm cannon. The T30 was only armed with a 155 mm as a bunker buster, with sub-par anti-tank performance across the board. As such, a project was initiated to rearm the T29/T30 with a modified 120 mm M1 AA gun, the 120 mm T53 L/65. Firing a 23 kg heavy projectile at 960 m/s, the gun was able to closely match the performance of said German gun. Unfortunately for the Americans, World War II was already over by the time the T34 was assembled. Post-War development led to the T34’s engine being upgraded from using the Ford GAC to Continental AV1790. Extensive trials of the T34 as a “technology demonstrator” led to the M103 Heavy Gun Tank.


The earliest known record of the requirement to develop the T34 heavy tank was from the first of February, 1945. The Army expressed concern about using the 155 mm gun with heavyweight 100 lb projectiles on the T30 (M112B1), mainly because of the effectiveness of it against enemy tank armor, with the rate of fire calculated in. It was expected to be very ineffective (the M112B1 only penetrates 170 mm of armor from point blank, while the rate of fire from the gun is only 3 RPM). Seeing the potential problem that would likely cause an unnecessary issue in the future, the Ordnance Department went to study for possible application of the 120 mm M1 anti-aircraft gun for the heavy tank.


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The T30’s Ammo Box

Aberdeen 1

The T30 heavy tank has vague information when it comes to ammunition load. Some claimed it’s only able to fire HE, some said it only has low penetrating AP round, while the others describe it as having high penetrating “M111 AP” and “M112 APCR” that can penetrate 276 mm and 320 mm of armor, respectively.

Some Problems

While some of them are true, there is so little explanation on how the T30 acquired such loadout or achieved such penetration, leading to “what if” situation where the shells are configured according to whatever related sources publicly available.

1. It only fires HE shell

The most common misconception about the T30 is that it only has HE shell. Some people claimed so due to the reason that it’s armed with a massive, but low velocity 155 mm T7 gun used for anti-fortification and destroying building, instead of dedicated anti-tank gun such as the 105 mm T5E1 mounted on the T29. Although it’s understandable since many referenced the source from R.P. Hunnicutt’s book; Firepower – A History of the American Heavy Tank.

Firepower: 155 mm T7
As you can see here, it only has a HE shell with unknown designation for the 155 mm T7.

2. It fires low penetrating AP round

Information available from certain WWII forum usually points out that the 155 mm “AP” fired from 155 mm T7 was unsatisfactory and only resulted in low anti-tank penetration performance from velocity loss. I will explain this later below.

3. “M111 AP” and “M112 APCR” that can penetrate 276 mm and 320 mm of armor

So far, it’s very popular as these rounds are available in World of Tanks, used by both T30 and T95, even goes so far that the T110E3 and T110E4 received a much improved version with E1 designation in the back that can penetrate 295 and 375 mm of armor.

These projectiles in particular are “M111” AP, and “M112” APCR. It’s interesting and confusing at the same time… The only known use of designation “M111” is a 105 mm APFSDS “Hetz” intended to penetrate the Soviet T-72. While the “M112” is actually an AP round of the 155 mm gun.


… It might be good time to explain this thoroughly.

Opening the Ammo Box

The weapon loadouts will be described as detailed as possible. But let’s start from the basics. The 155 mm T7 L/40 is a 155 mm gun of the T30 heavy tank, developed from a shortened 155 mm M1 L/45 “Long Tom”, conceived as early as 14 September 1944. It was developed alongside with the T29 heavy tank armed with 105 mm T5E1 L/65 gun.

14 Sept 1944

The T30 had up to 5 different ammunition available for use. Starting from M107 HE, M110 WP, M112B1 APBC-HE, T29E1 APCBC-HE, and finally T35E1 APCR. The specification will be listed as fired from the T7.


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War Thunder: Naval Forces CBT is here

The most anticipated upcoming War Thunder feature has arrived.
It’s the War Thunder: Naval Battles, introducing a new ship warfare mode available soon in one of the upcoming patches (possibly 1.63 or 1.65, since 1.61 was probably a rushed update meant to introduce 4 reward vehicles from “Operation SUMMER”).

The teaser of “War Thunder: Knights of the Sea” can be seen here:

War Thunder 1.59 – New Missile Tank + Tank Destroyer

Following the IT-1 “Drakon” missile tank Devblog, a new mechanics for  wire-guided SACLOS Anti-Tank Guided Missile (ATGM) has been confirmed in upcoming War Thunder patch 1.59. Another missile tank has been spotted over the horizon, along with a new tank destroyer.

M551 Sheridan – U.S. Light Tank

Type: Light tank
Origin: United States
In service: 1969–1996
Wars: Vietnam War

Weight: 15.2 tons
Length:  6.3 m
Width: 2.8 m
Height: 2.3 m
Crew: 4 (Commander, gunner, loader, driver)

Main armament: 152 mm Rifled Gun M81 ×1
-20 HEAT / HE rounds
-9 MGM-51 Shillelagh missiles
Secondary armament:
-12.7 mm M2HB flexible heavy machine gun (1,000 rounds) ×1
-7.62 mm M73 coaxial machine gun (3,000 rounds) ×1

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[War Thunder] T26E4 Super Pershing: Under a Panther Mask

War Thunder has confirmed another new vehicle to be introduced in Update 1.57.  This time, much to everyone’s surprise, it’s a regular heavy tank available for research in US main tech tree, and it’s the T26E4 Super Pershing!

The American M26 Pershing was deemed insufficient to counter the newly developed German armors, such as Tiger II (H) and Jagdtiger, as it lacked protection and weapon performance. As a result, in January 1945, a T26E1 Pershing was rearmed with a new 90 mm Gun T15E1 L/73, directly developed from 90 mm M3. The tank itself was redesignated as T26E1-1 after receiving the new gun.

Because of the sheer gun weight, the rear part of the turret had a counterweight welded on. But since it was still too heavy, coil springs were placed on top of the turret that allow the tank to balance its weight during firing.

Army Ordnance Department didn’t want to lose their fresh prototype during its first combat trial. And so, after arriving at Europe, it was field modded by the maintenance unit before being assigned to one of the tank crews of the Third Armored Division.

2x 38 mm thick boiler plates were reinforced to the front hull, and an 88 mm RHA plate was welded in front of its turret, taken from a knocked out panther (literally “Under a Panther Mask”).

The heavy T26E4 Super Pershing, armed with very powerful gun which extends out from the vehicle for over 4 meters, will take its place in the heavy US tank line at rank IV, right before T32. This tank is sure to be liked by all fans of American armoured vehicles. Look for the T26E4 Super Pershing on the battlefields of War Thunder in update 1.57. See you there!

rv fergr12_2e7c8744f6c9f848e9c170fd7119c6aa
Yes, it’s literally a regular heavy tank, not premium medium tank. (CipherN)


World of Warships Q&A: 3-9-2015

Q&A from 3 September 2015, pretty old stuffs here.
I’ve only translated most of them, for some reason.

Q: What is the account level?

A: It’s basically the level of an account – a separate branch” leveling in the game, as the achievement of which you opened the new features in the game.


1 – 0 AP – PvE Mode
2 – 500 AP – PvP Mode
3 – 1500 AP – Daily Missions
4 – 3000 AP – Free Experience
5 – 5000 AP – Ship Commander
6 – 7500 AP – Ship Upgrades
7 – 10000 AP – Signal Flags
8 – 20000 AP – Camouflages

Q: How to enable game replays?

A: Here:


Q: When will we see the Soviet and the German ship branchs:

A: Currently in development.

Q: Why does the timer to reconnect the battle is two minutes? It’s not enough.

A: There were some insignificant reasons. At the moment, the issue is reviewed, so it’s likely possible that the situation will soon change.

Q: Can a premium ship takes part in ranked battle?

A: At the moment, there is no restriction for a premium ship in ranked battle.

Q: Is there any plan to increase penalties for team killer?

A: We plan to. In the form of automatic locking of the suspected team killer’s account. But we will probably increase the penalties in upcoming major patches.

Q: What about the average visibility of the torpedoes?

A: The average value of the visibility of all the torpedo is now 1.38 km. The range varies from 0.7 km to 2.4 km.

Q: Do you plan to sell Diana, Tachibana, and Marblehead?

A: Unfortunately, these ships are only planned for promotional vehicles. They’re might be available as a reward from competition such as ship research marathon, bonus code rewards, and so on. Follow the news for upcoming changes.

Q: When will there be a Mobile version of the game?

A: We’ve been considering for it, but the time for its release is still unknown.

Q: How about affecting number of modules, perks, modifications flags?

A: In most cases, there is multiplication. Example: If the basic value is X, one perk increases by 10% and the second at 8%, so there will be:
x * 1.1 * 1.08 = 1.188 * x

Q: Why can‘t ships shoot at the maximum possible fire range like in reality?

A: In our game, ships shoot at the maximum effective fire range.