Storm Q&A regarding 10.0 Test 2 – 01 Nov 2015

Translated by Alex.

Changes to the aiming system:

1) The aim point is sent to the server in coordinates relative to the tank, rather than the world coordinates.

2) For serverside aiming and firing, the position of the tank that is used is “from the past”, with a rollback relative to connection ping. This allows for a smaller discrepancy between where the server thinks the gun is pointed and what the player sees at the time of firing. The server reticle will still lag behind the client reticle but that is because it arrives to the client late (ping related). Now the rounds should go, closely, where the client reticle was pointed at the moment of clicking.

– Server reticle is still as accurate as it was before. But the situations when it gets stuck on the corners of building/rubble/etc. or desyncs from the client reticle (below 200 ping) won’t happen anymore.

– Devs know about the bug where sometimes the server and client reticle turn in the opposite directions, when required to do a big turn, ie. 180 degrees. They are still discussing how to go about fixing the issue.

– The bug where the reticle skips to the tank after clicking auto-aim on, rather than rotating to the tank like the gun actually has to (and server reticle is still turning to face the auto locked tank), is because auto-aim always uses the client reticle.