WoT Blitz Q&A

Q: When will you introduce training rooms?

A: We know a lot of people are eagerly awaiting this feature. At the moment they are at the testing stage. Our team is working on the interface design, so it’s easy and comfortable to use. We understand that training rooms are used for tournaments, which means, we have to allow for all types of use and we are making sure it will be a useful feature. In terms of dates, don’t expect them this year.

Q: Will we get a reload timer in the gun sight?

A: Reload timer and range finder are planned for the general gun sight rework, which will be introduced in the
coming versions.

Q: What is the point of XP rewards for tier 10 personal missions?

A: XP rewards are meant to go towards elite XP to be converted in to free XP. But we see how unpopular these
rewards are and, more than likely, we are going to change them, or reduce the mission difficulty. We regularly look at the rules for missions. There are plans
to reduce the number of missions for “top” machines, and change rewards of those missions that are unpopular.

Q: Will there be a separate battle chat for clan mates in a platoon?

A: You can send private messages to platoon mates in battle. This is enough, that’s why there’s no plans for more chats.

Q: Are any new game modes coming?

A: New modes are coming. New battle objectives will appear – this will make the game flow more strategic. But these modes are going through testing and balancing.

Q: Any additions to in-game quick messages?

A: Most likely, we will add new messages with new game modes.

Q: Are we going to get any cool modes, like races or football, like in PC version of WoT?

A: “Fun” modes are being discussed, but here, fantasies are limited by the performance of mobile devices, so there
won’t be any fun modes in the near future.

Q: When will we get replays?

A: At the moment replays don’t have a high priority, so there’s no point waiting for it anytime soon.

Q: Will we be able to turn off battle chat?

A: No, such a setting is not planned. The chat is an important part of team play.