Storm Q&A

Storm confirmed yesterdays thunder about 50v50 battles and made a few comments about it:

– These aren’t jokes. We really are working on such a mode.

Q: Will the servers handle it? Will maps crack? Will single core processors melt?

A: There are the questions we are trying to answer with the current prototyping work. No promises.

Q: What about maps? 50 tanks won’t fit on the old ones.

A: No they won’t fit.

Q: 6 people platoons?

A: We are only prototyping the technical possibilities of such modes. There are no conversations about future game design decisions yet. So no details or comments for now.

-I will clarify one more time. We conducting research on the topic, this definitely does not mean that this mode will appear in-game, it’s very possible that the research will show that it’s not possible with the current server architecture. Havok had the same problem, we did some research work, and the result wasn’t too bad but it didn’t fit with the server architecture. So for now it is too early to make any forecasts. I hope everything works out though.

– The work is happeneing in parallel. The main team will work on the problems.