Yuri Pasholok Q&A

Question 1:

WOT Express: What’s happening with Mausturm II? Is it a similar situation to the E100 or something different? Are there any variants that could be introduced in to the game?

Yuri: I don’t understand. There are several potential turrets for the Maus, personally I think the problem is not with the turret but with the gun. More precisely, from the lack of a 149mm gun of 37-38 calibers, which historically the Maus had up until the spring of 1943. Nothing to do with turrets, but a historical service has something to offer.

Question 2: -What kind of tank nicknames did the crews actually use in reality? Example: M3 Lee = Brotherly coffin for six (possibly stories, because our tankers spoke well of the American tanks)

-It’s better to read memoirs for that kind of info. My passed grandfather, who defended Leningrad, called the T-26 “Goodbye Motherland”. T-60 and T-70 were called stink bugs, the ISU-152 was called many inappropriate names owing to its cannon.

Question 3: -At the time of its introduction (1945), what caliber guns could penetrate the IS-3?

-Pak 43 (88mm) could penetrate through the drivers hatch. A more critical threat were 128mm guns, hence the IS-7 project begun with an objective to withstand those weapons.

Question 4: -Is there any real proof of the angled UFP of the Ho-Ri, not counting the model?

-The model is a mockup, it’s from archives.

Question 5: -Any plans for a different gun for the PzIII/IV other than the L/70?

-It should actually have the L/48. The L/70 is from a different project, which in-game, is called Pz.IVS Schumalturm.

Question 6: -Which tanks should have the Czech 4 round L/70?

-Development didn’t reach this stage.

Question 7: -In the new T22cp. how are the crew and modules positioned?

-I suspect this same question was posed to the developers of the tank. The thing is, the tank that came from the T-22cp, Obj. 907 never went past the hull stage, so they couldn’t formulate an answer to the question.

Question 8: -What is the historical penetration value of the D-25T?

-I’ve already given out this technical information.

Question 9: -Yuri, could you tell us about all the different camouflage schemes of WWII? And why does Wargaming have such a limited selection, when after a quick google you can find a sea of different patterns and colours, from solid red to 10 different colours.

-Just to understand: the Germans changed their base colour 4 times in 10 years, the English changed it 3 times, and there was a time when they had 2 different base colours. Personally I don’t think there is a need for so many different colours. A single base colour was chosen for each nation so they could be identified easily.

Question 10: -Where did the FV215b come from?

-There were references in the text, that something like this was planned for design. In the end, our creative team finished the thinking for the English.

Question 11: -Was there a full Waffentrager branch, atleast, from tier 5? Was there any variants for tier 10?

-What’s wrong with the self-propelled carriages of the lower tiers? Waffentragers are those same types of tank.

Question 12: -Has the hemispherical shape of the T-72/80/90 proven itself? Because penetration of HEAT rounds grows every year.

-Well it didn’t appear just like that. It’s the result of Research and Development.

Question 13: -How did the Churchill 7 perform in battle during WWII and what did the English think of it?

-In general, Shermans were in high regard. Also the majority of Churchills in Europe were of III-VI modifications, and that reflects on their assessment.

Questions 14: -How complicated was the production and operation of German long barreled 88mm guns?

-They must of figured it out if they actively used them. The main problem of the weapon wasn’t the barrel, but mobility.

Question 15: -What was the reason behind tanks after the T-80 not getting a gas-turbine engine? Complicated operation? Blocked air filters?

-Drinks too much…

Question 16: -Was there an actual plan to arm the E100 with a 17cm gun? Was it in the same turret or Maus type turret?

-Archive data mentions this. It also says that with those kinds of weapons, the turret should be fixed. Just a clue.

Question 17: -Was there any other projects on the Maus chassis?

-Only Maus.

Question 18: -Is the JagdMaus a made up tank? Or is there a sketch of said vehicle?

-Apart from gun mounting, there is nothing else. There was a suggestion for a TD but no project.

Question 19: -Which tank, in-game, would you say is the least historical (out of the real ones)?

-Difficult question… I might be wrong but the Centurion Mk.1 is quite overbuffed. But what is historical in a “game about tanks”..

Question 20: -What were the tanks (in majority) used in battles during the First and Second Rzhev-Sychevka Offensive, from both sides?

-Germans had Pz. III, Pz. IV, we had T-34, T-60/T-70 and KV.

Question 21: -Yuri, tell us which tanks were considered Trophy tanks, and which were the most popular with the Red Army and the Reich?

-Most popular were Pz. III and Pz. IV, which is no surprise. For the Germans it was the T-34 and, to a lesser degree, KV, also not surprising.

Question 22: -Is there any roughly realistic replacement for the E50M of similar characteristics?

-No, and there’s not need to change it.

Question 23: -Do you have any desire to write a kind of encyclopedia of tanks, real and prototypes, with real armour schematics, what guns were mounted, etc.? Very often in current encyclopedias there is a lack of basic information such as armour. It would be nice to know the difference between in-game and real tanks.

-Definitely not in the near future.

Question 24: -Which tank could take up the role of a Tier 10 HT for the second French branch?

-They have alot of info on various AMX M4 and AMX 50 projects to choose from.

Question 25: -Is it true that a KV-2 could only fire the gun when the turret was facing forwards or 90 degrees?

-You would have to look at test results, but ideally those limits don’t exist. I could be wrong, I haven’t looked too deeply in to the KV-2.

Question 26: -Was there any projects to mount the M.K.103 aircraft cannon in the Luchs or VK16.02 Leopard?

-No, it was a balance related decision. But the Leopard turret on the Luchs was real. I will remind you, this is a game about tanks.