WoT Blitz Q&A

– There will be alot more camouflage variety compared to World of Tanks PC.

Q: Will we be able to apply camo to special tanks, like T-34-85 Victory, E25 #1?
A: Camouflage will work a little differently but you will be able to apply it to special tanks.

Q: Are you planning to make a Hall of Fame in WoT Blitz like the one in WoT?
A: Yes, quite soon.

– There are plans to implement BugTracker software in to the game.

– Regarding the completion of modules and consumables, the plans are there, but don’t wait for them in the near future.

Q: Recently there has been active work on personal missions. Are we waiting for reward tanks this year?

A: Yes, waiting.

– Next nation to be introduced will be the Japanese, no exact release dates yet, same for German autoloader TDs.

– Camouflage will be available for all tiers of tanks.

– There are plans to make new chat channels for platoon and clan search.

Q: Will we ever be able to post images (eg. battle screenshot) in to clan chat?
A: No plans yet.

– No transmission split for Germans in the near future.

Q: Will it be long until we will be able to shoot through fences, cars, etc?
A: Not any time soon.

Q: Is the Matilda showing up as an outlier in the statistics?

A: It’s an odd tank but there’s no anomalies in the statistics.

– No plans to bring in historical backgrounds (text about the tank) to Blitz.

– Devs will try to finish the Object 430 for next year.

Q: Any plans to fix the reset time for x2 x3 x5 bonuses?

A: We changed the reset time quite recently, no further changes are planned.

– No plans in the near future for a fire “light bulb”.