Why the daily Q&As are so short?

All right. Plenty of people may ask why the Q&As I post are not that long. I want to clarify this once and for all.

There is not a translation problem, not at all. I may look desperate sometimes where there is no Q&A, but I guess I worry too much about the blog. Our translator knows Russian very well and gives us the info on the spot. Also, none of it is deleted. We have simply decided to give you solid information, not unconfirmed (what if?) stuff and speculation you can see in other places. This is why it may look reduced somewhat. When Storm (for example) says that something may happen it is not certain, because everything has to pass trough the supertest.

The translator tries to cut of non-information (evasive responses from the devs and useless stuff) and I fully agree with him. If there is something certain, it is that you should not worry about anything. If something is confirmed, it will be talked about again at least several times.