Polish Tanks coming in WoT next year?

All right, so something weird showed up on the Polish section of the official forums: WG is looking for Polish faces in order to implement them as crew-members in-game.

„- World of Tanks is constantly expanding, new tanks, game modes, and at times completely new tree development. This time you have the chance to take part in the process of creating the game.
Yes, we are looking for a Polish person crews in World of Tanks, and you have a unique opportunity to be in the game!
From these photos, we will choose 30 (10 women, 20 men), which will be sent to the developers. When selecting a photo quality will be taken into account first and compliance with technical requirements. Photos of high quality (resolution, lighting, sharpness), are more likely to be accepted.”

The final decision about adding people to the game belongs to the developers. Remember, too, that the photos are the only source of material from which designers will draw portraits of the crew.
It was the same with the Czechoslovak branch. Therefore, we can assume that the Polish tanks will be prototyped/tested in the winter and in the spring / summer of 2016 we can see a new tank branch in WoT.
On the other hand, it can only be a few premium tanks or tanks in the existing trees, it is not clear yet.

7TP IS MAI LOWTIER WAIFU – Seb, October 2015

Also the TKS 20mm will be nice.