New Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void Trailer Sets Stage for Final Bit of Story-Puzzle

Hey folks – since there are no new news today, I will try something different:

For a Starcraft player and fan, times have never been more exciting than right now, right before the final piece in the storyline puzzle started way back in the late 90s by the first Starcraft game, falls into place. Indeed, what we’re looking at here is a moment with an epic potential, and since Blizzard have proven time and again how great they are at exploiting such moments, there’s little to no fear mixed in with the anticipation: these guys are not going to mess this up.
Legacy of the Void, the last part of the Starcraft 2 trilogy, the one which finally allows players to take control of arguably the most interesting and attractive faction, the Protoss, is finally here, and if the story hinted at by the various trailers is an indication, we’re in for a true treat. The “toss” are apparently set on reclaiming their home world of Aiur, long overrun by the zerg. Even if nothing else happens in the expansion, this premise alone is enough for Blizzard to build a massive and entertaining campaign around. Obviously though, there is a lot more in store, and while the focus is on the single-player campaign, the bread and butter of the competitive side of the game – the multiplayer – will probably see quite a few tweaks and maybe a change here and there that will completely shake up this aspect.

The latest trailer released only a couple of days ago is a perfect illustration of everything that makes Starcraft 2 in particular and the Starcraft franchise in general so great: there aren’t any fancy graphics involved, no explosions and no acrobatic heroics: it’s all one dramatic dialog between the leader of the Golden Armada, Artanis and Kaldaris. Within this dialog, there’s a full review of the history of the Protoss race as delivered through previous iterations of the game, as well as an electrifying yet desperate determination-laden conclusion: the Protoss are going to attempt to retake Aiur regardless of the costs involved, even if these costs may turn out to be too steep to bear.
Legacy of the Void will also be the scene of the debut of a new character: Amon, one of the ancient Xel’naga whose ultimate elimination will apparently manage to bring about some sort of a ceasefire among the three warring factions.
The already available Whispers of Oblivion mini-campaign offers a nice – albeit brief and limited – insight into what the actual game-play showcased by Legacy of the Void will be like and it’s a far cry from one’s age-old “build a large army and send it over to destroy enemy” approach. Tactics and strategy will be called upon early and often as missions come with all sorts of side-objectives and refreshingly interesting situational peculiarities already put to use in previous Starcraft 2 campaigns.
Those interested in taking an early dip in the Legacy of the Void-“tainted” Starcraft 2 universe can do so through one of the 1k closed beta keys that have been made available. The beta will only feature multiplayer action though…however, it does come with an interesting new Archon mode, which allows two players to share control of a single base/army.

Peter Wassenberg works for Gosugamers, the world’s top Starcraft 2 eSports destination and online gaming community.