6 thoughts on “WoWS – New Nation Confirmed (POLAND YAY)

      1. Hey. Dont ever be ashamed of your country. Maybe disgusted and angry with the actions and attitudes of some people.
        As for size of the navy. Have a look and compare the population, length of coast, and size of the navy of my country Australia. I think ships per mt of coast Romania has more navy than we do.

        1. Cause we have now a really small coast ;_; Well at least we are lucky we have one.

          Yep! But seriously, even now we have some old frigates. Same goes for our air force – old, second hand stuff.

          1. Have a look at the NZ combat airforce.
            Cant find any? Because it was too expensive so RAAF is committed to providing it if need be. Are we mercenary or in early stages of unification?

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