Surprise Q&A

Hello world!

-Looks like WG has aquired a Sentinel from a private collection from the US and they are moving it now to a museum in Australia.

-We think that the game did not reach the popularity peak yet, not to mention the recession. We are now quickly and powerfully developing in all regions. This is also due the ongoing work on the game, updates, improved graphics and physics.

-On all supported platforms to date, there are 150 million registered players.

-Skoda plant map, Berlin and Studzianki (inspired by 4 tankers and a dog TV series) maps will come in December.

I am ready to announce today that we are not just waiting for the next update, but a comprehensive restructuring of the game that will affect all players.

-We are working on 2 new maps, which names I cannot mention unfortunately. There will be a new, unusual setting.

-When the opportunity to purchase the Master of Orion franchise arrived, we decided that it should be done. We wanted to transform it in order to look modern, to take the best from the second part of the cult series. (Seb: good guy WG, thinking about good old games)

-WoWS market dynamics are similar to the WoT ones. We did not expect such a large audience size, but the game was able to find a niche, and the project will clearly be more successful than World of Warplanes.

-There will be more physics tests.

-There will be improved mechanics for small tanks like the Tetrarch.

-The sharp loss of speed uphill will be fixed too.

-The new physics will be connected with the sound too.

-Physics are important and cannot be released unfinished.

-We have prepared lots of secrets and surprises, more than last year.

And some Igromir stuff but it is not conclusive and mostly bragging about how many people WG manages to bring at their stands. Boring.