Schneider CA2

By: eat3reat3r


-Tier 3: FCM 1A
-Tier 4: FCM 2C (alternate sub branch)
-Tier 5: AMX Tracteur B (main branch)
-Tier 5: ARL Tracteur C (alternate sub branch)
-Tier 6: B40 (Main branch)
-Tier 6: FCM 2C L/Bis (alternate sub branch)
-Tier 10: AMX M4 1949 amélioré

-Schneider CA 2 (tier 2)
-AMX Char lourd (tier 4)
-AMX M4 1947 (tier 7)
-AMX M4 1948 (tier 8)
-AMX 65T (tier 9)

These are what i have left in store.

Why not get the tier 2 out of the way?

Description: A upgrade to the Schneider CA1 (one of the first operational tanks in history). It featured a fully rotating turret. A brother to the Medium II, it can feature a 75mm derp (found on the renault B.S), another thing of note: the entire UFP is spaced. It also has maybe -2 gun depression at most.

Tier: 2 medium
Hit points: 250
Armor: 16.5/11/11
Turret armor: 11/11/11
Guns: 37mm SA 18, 47mm SA 34, 75mm Blockhaus (possible), 25mm SA 34
Engine: Renault S4F (74 HP), Franklin (100 HP)
Weight: 9.7 tons (HP/T: 11)
Speed: 26 KM/H