Schneider CA2

By: eat3reat3r


-Tier 3: FCM 1A
-Tier 4: FCM 2C (alternate sub branch)
-Tier 5: AMX Tracteur B (main branch)
-Tier 5: ARL Tracteur C (alternate sub branch)
-Tier 6: B40 (Main branch)
-Tier 6: FCM 2C L/Bis (alternate sub branch)
-Tier 10: AMX M4 1949 amélioré

-Schneider CA 2 (tier 2)
-AMX Char lourd (tier 4)
-AMX M4 1947 (tier 7)
-AMX M4 1948 (tier 8)
-AMX 65T (tier 9)

These are what i have left in store.

Why not get the tier 2 out of the way?

Description: A upgrade to the Schneider CA1 (one of the first operational tanks in history). It featured a fully rotating turret. A brother to the Medium II, it can feature a 75mm derp (found on the renault B.S), another thing of note: the entire UFP is spaced. It also has maybe -2 gun depression at most.

Tier: 2 medium
Hit points: 250
Armor: 16.5/11/11
Turret armor: 11/11/11
Guns: 37mm SA 18, 47mm SA 34, 75mm Blockhaus (possible), 25mm SA 34
Engine: Renault S4F (74 HP), Franklin (100 HP)
Weight: 9.7 tons (HP/T: 11)
Speed: 26 KM/H

Some thoughts about Armored Warfare

So, another game review. Although I’m sure most of you guys already heard of it, there’s some interesting information I gathered from their forums and streams.

But before I begin, I must warn you that unfortunately, I have no access to the closed alpha test nor have I participated in their focus tests so my review (which can’t really be classified as a review, sadly) will consist mainly on public information.

Firstly, let’s talk about Obsidian Entertainment. If you’re familiar with their products, you’ll know that prior to Armored Warfare, they developed roleplaying action games, such as Fallout: New Vegas (which was fucking awesome, I’ll give them that).

So, how come they’re following this road? Will they add roleplaying aspects into the game? The answer is yes. Unlike World of Tanks, the commander has a bigger impact on the rest of the crew and has unique abilities. You start off with 3 commanders (or 4, depending if you have Anthony Diaz – the one that was given away in December / January). Each commander will have their own biography, history, traits, likes and dislikes – to make them more unique and roleplayish. You will be able to gain and improve skills by playing and gaining experience.

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