Tokyo Game Show Q&A!! (PS4)

Damn, so many articles… I gotta go work out too 😛

-WG plans to release a Beta for PS4 WoT by the end of the year;

-In addition to unique maps, there will also be some exclusive stuff.

– PS4 has no effect on the future plans for the Xbox version.

– Work on the PS4 started simultaneously with the work on the Xbox One.

-Release date: Unknown

-WG West will deal with both consoles. Games remain at the same stage of development, but the PS4 may be a bit behind due to the later release. It should be noted that the PS4 will have no impact on the further development of the Xbox One version.

-There is lack of any information for the Wii console.

-Similarly, the Xbox version will also have exclusives: 2 unique maps for PS4 will mean 2 unique maps for Xbox One too.

-There will be unique tanks and camouflages. Remember the T1E6-X1?

-Perhaps the PS4 will have its own exclusive camouflage.