Pictures from the USS Iowa

Gathered by Redditor xXxMrWigglezxXx.

Seb: Gotta post fast

From the parking lot

16 inches of pure destruction

My Buddy looking small next to Iowa’s #1 turret

the photos dont due justice to the awsome feeling of being that close to that much power

#2 Turret

My buddy looking real tiny next to #2 turret

View from the bridge

armor of the coning tower citadel

Bulkhead door for citadel

The helm, inside the citadel. service man onboard told us up to 12 people would be in this tiny room, Talk about cramped

View from the watch deck

#1 and #2 turrets fire control center

A look at Iowas modern AA armerment

Looking down from the forecastle at the 5 inch mounts.

#3 turret