No Q&A yet & Day Summary (Off-topic)

Here I am, thinking about stuff. How I managed to flood the blog (nicely) with posts. There was a lot to be posted today (luckily)! And we will have our first Chinese WoWS streamers soon! Cannot wait! However, they are not on Twitch so we will use other kinds of banners. They play on EU. However, I expect WoWS – when it will appear in China – to be full of teamwork (unlike EU).

I hate school currently cause I have to buy all my manuals 😛 However, I have the money. I just have to bother to get the right ones. Seems that this year will not be too hard. We have lots of history lessons, but I love those.

So, no Q&A. But our translator is alive, and just travelling in places without internet. Do not worry about him (like I did). The internet here is a lot better than you might expect, even better than in Western Europe/USA (at least you have some free wi-fi not redirecting you to boring sites and connecting from the first try) anyway 😀

And I was thinking somewhat – Should I write about the current millitary operations in the world? It feels interesting, and having a blog about current wars would improve your grasp on geopolitics for sure. That is, because I won last year a book about geopolitics in a geography contest but was too busy to read it: The Revenge of Geography, by Robert D. Kaplan. What do you think? On days with few news I can make some articles with my opinions. I think about writing some kind of nation reports – how do they fare currently, and their motivation to fight/stay peaceful. What do you think? Of course, I can cover both sides in case you guys are biased, it feels better this way.