Some Master of Orion News: Collector’s Edition

The composition of the Collector’s Edition will include an exclusive version of the game with a unique race, all the previous parts of the series, and other bonuses.
August 28, 2015 – Team WG Labs is pleased to announce that in addition to the standard version of Master of Orion, there will be released a collector’s edition, named the Master of Orion: Collector’s Edition, which will include the three previous parts of the series, a unique art-book, orchestral soundtrack and an exclusive version of the game with a new a race that is not available in the standard version – Terrans (Seb: Starcraft II puns starting in 3… 2… 1…).

Terran – the evil twin brother of people: aggressive race, unlike the latter, who had gone on the militant path of development. Its features allow players to try out new strategies. The soundtrack for the new play is written by David Govett, the author of the music used for the first part of the Master of Orion.

In addition to the basic bonuses Collector’s Edition owners will receive early access to conquer spaces of the Master of Orion universe (Seb: some multiplayer I guess).
Especially for the fans of the original Master of Orion: the collector’s edition will include “classical” mode „charts”, and pixelated vehicles from the early 1990s turned into 3D, like here: