No more gold for missions

A very sad day for American tankers. 🙁 (Thanks to Nevi for pointing this one, you are the MVP)

Hello Tankers,

Starting September 1st, 2015, whenever a player completes a mission or event where they would have earned a Premium Tank that they already own in their garage, they will be compensated the applicable Credit amount, and NOT the applicable Gold amount. This applies to the following:

– On-Track Missions with a Premium Tank reward

– Events via any other mission (Daily Log-In, Month Long key missions, etc)

There are still transactions that will compensate the player Gold instead of the Credits, and those would be the following:

– Purchasing/being gifted a Premium Tank that you already own

– Winning a Premium Tank in a live event (Twitch stream, player gathering, social media, etc)

– The Premium Tank is re-balanced substantially in-game and a refund is offered