Gamescom News (mainly WoWS) – Kriegsmarine coming in October

-WoT Generals will be updated to 5.0;

-The WoWS devs reported THAT KRIEGSMARINE WILL COME IN OCTOBER, beginning with a branch including Dresden and Admiral Hipper, more detalis will come later.

-The branch is fully ready, and the developers are working on new maps, one of them may appear before the end of the year;

-With the addition of the Germans, „the game will be more interesting, and the gameplay will be deeper.

-Bismarck and Tirpitz Battleships are also ready;

-The Beta-testing of WoWS is involving more than 2 million players;

-The OBT participants spend on average 190 minutes a day playing the game;

-Gigabyte (leading producer of motherboards and video cards) has conducted a partnership with Wargaming.

-EU and CIS players that will buy the Z170X-Gaming 3 will recieve an exclusive invite & bonus code. The tank and gold amount that will come with the motherboard will be announced later.