FV3805 Restoration Project

Usually I, Seb, do not post stuff like this (it features my eternal archenemy and rival), but this is for a tank’s sake (well, to be more specific, artillery). Basically some people (including Jingles) started this initiative of restoring the single existing example of the FV3805 ( WoT tier IX British Arty). They already recieved some support (2500 pounds raised, but 73.000 more needed, quite a big sum but it is a real vehicle after all). The amount of cash needed is so big because the artillery does not have a gun (or a working engine) anymore. However, it has lots of space in the back so they plan to make seats for disabled veterans (which is really cool). It will also feature a full-female crew including you-know-who. So, if there are any girls reading this blog, you can join! 😛 They also look for people with any kind of skills regarding tanks (or no skill, if you just want to brush the old paint off, that is fine too).

The Kickstarter link: