Storm Q&A – 15th July 2015

Hey everyone! Hope you enjoy this! It has pretty good answers.

Patch 9.9:

-We all make mistakes (Seb: related to the bugs from the new patch)

-The whining noise amount for the patch is usual, no matter what is changed, there is whine. The main problem was with the „zombie” tanks. We corrected that. Next comes the inability of entering the game. You have to find the problem and the solution is already found. There were several files deleted from the client (by us).

-We are preparing the micropatch.

-It is not possible to make a new anti aliasing. The HD client means that the video cards/drivers will not support this feature.

-We are moving forward with multi-core support. 2015? I do not promise anything.

-The SLI Anti aliasing was not yet finished.

Fucking song – (some kind of ISIS song with Russian subtitles that are somewhat funny)

-The T32 mantlet was the same way in 9.8.

– WG, do you have plans / achievements to replace the classic Flash DirectX GUI to improve performance? – There are no plans to replace Scaleform or something else there.

-Direct X 11 support will appear in the forseeable future (Seb: YAAAAY)

-Weather performance problems persist. We cannot use different weather types because it comes with performance limitations. Most of players configurations are actually worse than the Xbox One.

-New tank branches will appear in 2016.

-WoWS: We are working very much on optimization.

-Armored Warfare: It is not about the graphics and special effects. The point is the gameplay and balance. Get the players good gameplay – you will have audience. If not – you will not. Examples are already there. There are problems there, and sometimes they are serious.

-For the IS-7 model, we used the real tank and the known size parameters.

-Q: AFK Panther will be taken away from the game forever, but given the mixed reactions on its removal – will it appear as an alternative tier 7 light? A: Not yet decided.

-The number of online players is exactly the same as last year. Suddenly, even a little bit better than the same time last year.

-If the game crashes at the loading screen – go download some 14 MB files from the forums. It is an antivirus problem.

-The changed Highway map will not hurt the players or the statistics of the bases. The map was changed because one base was beaten more often than the other.

-IS-6 will be remade in HD.

-We will not edit the Japanese Tiger model. (Seb: WG being unhistorical noooobs)

-Chinese arty: distant plans, no comment.

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  1. Just want to say that I am so glad your blog isn\’t full of toxic replies! Keep it up!

    1. Oh, you! I am trying to do my best – but Q&As are really scarce and not daily – because everyone is translating Rita\’s Q&As back into Russian. I got lucky that one source does not do that.

      Russian sources seem to not know me – but they know the other blog.

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