4 thoughts on “Signal Flags Available in the Russian Premium Shop

  1. Hey there, gj doing ths. As far as I could \”see\” on the russian main page, this is a \”Special\” so I guess it will be for a limited time – can you confirm / deny that?
    No matter what, this is a great idea, although the ones with ingame boni like 5% speed should be excluded. you CAN earn hem, but in such huge numbers I would call that pay2win… But especially the 50% exp flag would be awesome – how often do ppl complayin they cant use even 5% of their month premium and cant pasue it – they can now buy these flags (even cheaper than Prem) and use them when THEY want 😀

  2. I\’m not a WoWs player but are there in game earned counterparts to these paid ones? Because some of those are a bit p2win: 5% better accuracy, reload n fire distance; 5% extra speed; 20% faster fire extinguishing.

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