10 thoughts on “Type 2605 Changed Stats

  1. Imho it needs the dpm to counter the premium ammo spam thatbit will receive.

  2. Why they take the opness away :\'(
    Now it won\’t be able to DPM race an E100 to death.

    1. Now the E-100 trades better, moves better, has better premium ammo, and better dpm. Hmmmm and it can autopen this with well aimed heat while this gets lucky to pen the E-100\’s turret face with premium ap.

      1. The premium ammo won\’t be too bad on it, since its regular AP it gets good normalization, penning an E100 face will be cake because of that and it\’ll be shooting slightly down onto it. But all other points you mentioned are true.

        Since the tank has swiss cheese armour layout it needs either lots of HP or DPM, but I guess we\’ll have to wait n see.

  3. Since it is quite tall, it may be easier to aim down and over match the deck in front of the turret.

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