WoT: Obtain Orion Lockboxes!

Orion Lockboxes are part of the Star Trek-themed Call to the Final Frontier event, available from May 2 through 13.

These vacuum-safe containers come from Orion merchants passing by the stranded U.S.S. Enterprise. How the contents of the lockboxes ended up in Orions’ hands is a mystery to be solved by Starfleet Intelligence. Yet we can already confirm that Orion Lockboxes hold many valuables. The possible loot includes:

  • 10 Tier VIII Premium vehicles including the brand-new AAT60 and Nemesis
  • The Star Trek-themed “Emissary” 3D style for the AAT60, 2D styles, crew members, decals, and inscriptions
  • Experimental Equipment, Crew Books, Days of WoT Premium Account, credits, Personal Reserves, and more

Orion Lockboxes: What May Be Inside

From May 2 through May 13, you can purchase Orion Lockboxes from the in-game Store and the Premium Shop, with a daily limit of 500 Lockboxes. They come in bundles with 5, 25, 50, or 300 Lockboxes and an equal number of missions for ×5 XP.

Each Orion Lockbox will contain a reward from the list below with a certain probability:

  • One of 10 Tier VIII Premium vehicles, including two brand-new ones (Probability: 2%)
  • One of the following Star Trek-themed items: the “Emissary” 3D style for the AAT60, 2D style, crew member, decal, or inscription (Probability: 25%)
  • One of the following: Experimental Equipment or components (Probability: 15%)
  • One of the following: Personal Reserves or credits (Probability: 50%)
  • One of the following: Crew Book, Days of WoT Premium Account, or Personal Reserves (Probability: 100%)

For every 50 Orion Lockboxes you open, you are guaranteed one of the 10 Tier VIII Premium vehicles. If a vehicle drops before you open your 50th Lockbox, the counter is reset.

Orion Lockboxes will only drop vehicles that you don’t already have in your Garage. Once you have all 10 of them, every successive vehicle drop will grant its value in gold instead.

If you don’t open all your Orion Lockboxes in time, they will open automatically after the event ends on May 13.

Star Trek-Themed Drops

Unique items from different worlds of the Star Trek universe give Orion Lockboxes their flavor. Along with armored vehicles from Earth’s 20th century, you may receive:

  • U.S.S. Enterprise crew members (Scotty, McCoy, and Sulu)
  • The enigmatic “Emissary” 3D style for the AAT60
  • 2D styles from the Klingon homeworld of Qo’noS, and more!

Answer the Call to the Final Frontier!

One Orion Lockbox is part of Mission Progress rewards in the Call to the Final Frontier event. On top of that (and the fun you have collecting antimatter), there are more Star Trek-themed items that include vehicle customizations and crew members with unique voiceovers.

To the Final Frontier, Commanders!

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      1. None. Because an extra 1.5% view range will not make any difference to a useless 43% cúnt player…

  1. Bought 50 boxes – had none of the prem vehicles from the list. Guess which turd I received on 50th box(no tank drops before it..)?
    I’ll give you a hint – it was in a new year lootboxes as well..
    I did not expect anything good from these boxes and WG did Not disappoint..

    1. This is why WG keep giving us loot boxes because morons like you just throw money at them for a few small repair kits 🤦🏼‍♂️

  2. I have always been a lootbox dude, this time though? The last time got me absolutely nothing now they we dont ger guaranteed gold. We are getting less and less of a return and we are already to the point where you can spend a bunch of money and get nothing to show for it. I am OUT, unless they bring back the guaranteed gold and remove the worthless junk thet took its place.

    1. 50 bixes got 2 new tanks and even 2xgild fir garage tanks so….bad rng my friend this time for some people i guess

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