Pictures from the USS New Jersey

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Picture heavy. 75 pics

Approaching the ship from the parking, you can see how massive it is compared to the cars and buildings next to it.

Oh how I missed you…

Superstructure with some of the 5 inch guns

Right before you get on. Love that curve heading towards the bow.

On the gangway looking forward.

Number 2 turret with a retired sailor for size comparison

Looking aft.

Standing against the number 1 turret facing towards the bow

More bow details.

My friend standing in front of the turret.

Here you can see the USS Olympia, a protected cruiser from the late 1800s which participated in the Battle of Manila Bay, and the Moshulu, a sailing ship turned floating restaurant.

Another shot of these 16 inch guns.

Here is a replica of one of the shells fired by the Big J’s main guns. Next to it is a replica of the powder bags used to propel the shell out. The shell needed six of these to fire.

For size reference, I stood next to the shell. I’m 5’5.

The rear end of the number one turret with the ladder to climb inside.

My very crude panoramic shot of what you see when you first climb inside.

This is the right side of the Turret. My friend on the bottom right is looking forwards.

The loading room.

Same picture, flash off. You can see the base of the gun with the extendable ramp that holds the shell and powder in place so the ram can push it into the gun.

This is a model of the next class of ships planned after the Iowa class, the Montana Class. It would have been even more massive then the Big J, with alot more armor, and with extra firepower in the form of an additional turret.

Admiral’s quarters.

The Captain’s table. On the wall are the portraits of all 19 captains that have served on the Big J

The ship’s silverware. Only reserved for VIP visits.

the captain’s personal galley.

Another part of the captain’s stateroom.

This hallway is right outside the captain’s stateroom. It houses all the officers quarters. The more senior officers slept closer to the bow, while the less seasoned ones slept further back.

Officer’s cabin. The dummies startled my friend =P.

The rear of one of the 5 inch turret.

The side of one of the 5 inch turrets. Notice all the markings on the side right there. I don’t know if that’s graffiti from the visitors, or sailors leaving their mark on the ship.

More detailed shot.

Here we are inside the CIC. Front seats.


Radar close up

Admiral Halsey’s personal room. Admiral William Halsey Jr. used the Big J as the flagship of the Third Fleet during WWII

Facing forwards.

All the decorations the ship has received. The New Jersey is the most decorated battleship in the US Navy.

The guy sitting here would have had quite the awesome view.

looking outside the window.

5 inch gun turrets from the top.

Map Room?

this is where the helmsman of the ship was located. Notice how thick the armor protecting him was!

A view slit looking inwards.

Looking out towards Philadelphia. You can see the SS United States’s funnels on the other side of the river.

This was the Captain’s bridge when the Big J wasn’t in combat.

another angle

The Phalanx system. These where added in during the Big J’s refit during the 600 ship plan of the 80’s

Countermeasure launchers.

Right here where I took this picture was the highest we where allowed to go on the ship. All of that was not accessible. I really wanted to go up there and take in the view.

Tomahawk launcher with a dummy missile protruding out. Tomahawk missiles where also added during her 80’s refit.

That’s how they look like when they’re in stored position

#2 funnel, facing aft.


Up close.

Here’s my friend standing next to a replica of the shell fired by the Japanese Yamato Class Battleship. For comparison the Iowa class shell is the green one in the front of the picture. My friend is 5’8.

More ship models.

Iowa class.

Yamato Class.

The Bismark.

King George V class.

French battleship Jean Bart.

Here’s my friend sitting on the Big J’s transfer chair. It was used to transfer personnel between moving ships on the high seas. Must have been not scary at all.

Ship’s mess hall.

Ship’s Chapel.

Ship’s dry cleaners

Number 3 turret.

Exit gangway looking forwards. Hope you enjoyed the album!

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