WoT Blitz Q&A

-It is too early to talk about the next nation. We are conducting tests.

-There will be no clans in 1.10, but they will come soon.

-This summer will have lots of stuff;

-We plan to include the Type 59 in the near future;

– We actively monitor all the reviews on every aspect of the game. Some maps will be remade in the next update, the Baltic Shield is one of them.

-A new Soviet bransh with the Object 140 as tier X will come soon.

-We are planning to introduce camouflage and a Hall of Fame, but not in the near future.

-Decals will be introduced, but not in the near future.

-We are constantly working on MM and balance.

-There is no information on the Object 263.

-We will be talking about the Panzer V/IV.

-We are planning to implement VK 16.02, but not in the near future.

-Panzer I will appear.

-No new soviet branch this year.

-Regarding WT E-100, WoT Blitz does not really mean to implement that.

-T28 Concept is planned;

-No Waffentragers this year, not sure about 2016.

– Clans are now in development. The very structure of the clans will continue to develop.

-We do not plan to implement special features for specific OS versions.

– Balanced changes are made on the basis of statistics, not on the reactions. Armor as a weapon, as well as flexibility is a very important aspect of any tank. Armor matters and plays an important role in the battle. We are not moving in the direction where a parameter would not be relevant.

– We are considering to introduce national voice acting, but it is important to understand that this is quite a lot of work, so in the near future, this is not planned.