Upcoming W.o.T. Japanese Heavy Branch: Tier IV Through VIII

Featuring the ‘Christened Trio’: The Tōru Tanku (Type 95), Moru (Mi-To 100t) and the mighty Mausu (Mi-To 150t)! Also including both the O-I 100t and the O-I 120t Japanese Super Heavy Tanks.

Detailed Tank Information:

Type 95 (‘Tōru Tanku’)

Mi-To 100t (‘Moru’)

Mi-To 150t (‘Mausu’)

O-I 100

O-I 120

Also please note that the aforementioned Japanese Heavy Branch (Tier IV Through VIII) Image is not a 100% ‘fully accurate representation’ for it is missing the ‘unknown’ (‘currently’ publicly unannounced) Japanese Tier 9 [Super] Heavy Tank. Although I am aware of the ‘supposed’ planned Japanese Tier X heavy Tank; the honorable: Type 2605

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