Mäuschen: 6th Crew Member Is A Loader

Please excuse that the screenshot is in Russian and it is posted on a predominately English blog. I think that this makes sense on Wargaming’s part to have the sixth crew member to be an extra loader. This is in my opinion quite a logical choice from the developers, for 15.0 cm single piece tank shells would weigh a lot and I could see ‘extra help’ being needed to keep the super heavy panzer’s massive gun firing at a combat practical frequency.

Although an extra gunner would be more powerful for in game crew skills for let us face it, Loaders do not have very useful skills as compared to a gunner. Although after some ‘critical review’ from Wot Labs’ “Crew Skills and Perks According to a Unicum” The loader perk Adrenaline Rush could be marginally more useful on a super heavy tank with a very slow rate of fire and with a massive (for tier 9) “2000” hit point pool (based on ‘leaked’ super test statistics) for Adrenaline Rush activates on when a tanks is at less than 10% health; which is a maximum of 199 hit points for the Mäuschen.

I strongly agree with Wargaming Developers’ logical choice of two loaders and I personally prefer real life practically designed into ‘undeveloped tanks’ instead of pseudo ‘meta gaming’; for the tank implementation (is in my humble opinion) more immersive. So with that said, we should have a two loader crew for the Mighty Mäuschen!