New Storm Q&A

-The results and opinions of the supertesters are taken into account when making decisions;

-All the waffentragers spoil the game at high tiers by dealing too much damage. There is still a problem with them.

Aufklärungspanzer Panther will be thrown into the trash bin;

-British tier 10 tanks will not be changed for now;

-Serb will also limit his responses;

-We will take some models from the Xbox One, the ones with less important authenticity; (Seb: lazy russian do the work yourself %&$*)

-Tank filters will be added; (in the list located at the bottom of the screen), only advanced filters are being worked one at the moment;

-T92 Light Tank is not planned for this year;

The „life expectancy” of an individual player – 4 minutes. 🚕

We have nothing to do with WoT-news website. We do not know where they get their information from. The site is independent (Seb: well they use the same sources as me)

-FCM 50t in HD will appear in 9.9, T110E5 HD – later.

-We work on new sounds, but the release date is not known for now;

-The main result of the TXAA is the non-flashing of the screen; no flickering grass, edges, trees, wires. There are still some artifacts that need some work if you look closely.

– The Michael Zywiec unbanned Murazora on Livejournal;

-We have a bug with the very first HD model. We will fix it.

Approximate release date of patch 0.9.9: mid – late July.