WT Copying WoT with… „Sector Indicator”

Nice, a „new” feature! I guess it helps their minimap, since it was extremely bad some time ago…

Sector indicator

It’s the team that wins the battle…

Coordination is extremely important in every battle – the victory or defeat completely depends on teamwork. In update along with numerous interface improvements, a new functionality is to become available to players – “Sector indicator”. Now you can inform your allies about enemies flanking friendly positions, or choose a priority target while not being limited to the capture of zones only.

In order to use the function, you should open the tactical map (“M” by default) and simply click on the desired area you wish to highlight. The selected square will be displayed on the in-game chat and on the minimap.

If you wanted to use the function while in the heat of battle, you can also click directly on the minimap. Just bind a key for “Show mouse cursor” in Controls -> Miscellaneous -> Mouse Aim.

Then just press the button in battle and select the desired zone on your minimap.

Good luck on the battlefield!