Mods 4 Pros: Map Rotation Checker

Wotlabs made this awesome feature, where you can check the map rotation for the last 5 hours!

You can see the most played maps in the bottom right of the page, just next to server statistics.

You can help Wotlabs too by sending your map statistics from your Replays folder, for that you have to install this program:

Words from the author:


As we discussed previously, I decided to create a simple program to try to keep track of map rotation. This program checks your replay folder and uploads map info for your games automatically to the WoTLabs Server. The idea is that, if a lot of people run this program, we can create a dataset. The current map statistics are displayed on the front page of WoTLabs, at the “Server Statistics” box.

Using the program is dead simple. Put it anywhere you want, run it, you can set it to run on Windows Startup and everything. After you open it, select the folder where your replays are saved and click “Save Config”.
At that point it will start watching the replays folder. Every time the temp.wotreplay file gets renamed to the replay name (happens right after you leave battle), the program will get the necessary information from the replay file and upload it to the server.
Why an EXE? Why not a plugin like XVM?
Well, I could go the honest route and admit I have no clue how to do something like XVM, but instead I’ll tell you that, by making it into a standalone program, it won’t need to be reinstalled every time WoT updates. Replay files rarely change, and even if they do, unless something really dramatic changes the order things are presented in it, the program won’t need to be updated. It’s the lowest maintenance path.
The program will only get info from random battles, so clan wars, strongholds, team training, etc… won’t interfere with the results.
This is the Release Candidate 4. There might still be a few bugs left, so keep an eye on this thread for updated versions. Also if you find a bug, please let me know!