Wargaming FM Transcript

These answers are about the World of Tanks Assistant app.

-There are 18 people in the dev team;

-Now we are actively working on a new, stand-alone application, which will have a chat, contacts and other good features;

-We have implemented a store in the application, but it does not work good yet – we will continue to improve it;

-We will recycle the interface of WoT Assistant;

-Wargaming FM may be added to WoT Assistant;

-Display of 3D models will not be added this year;

-Personal Missions will not be included in the aplication;

-New EULA will be implemented in the application;

-There will be separate statistics added;

-There is no technical possibility to display „distinctive marks”.

-Prepare for a big clan update;

-The clan commander will have the ability to send notifications to the other players;

-The iOS/Android rate is 1:4 , Android having 4x more users.