Abandoned Japanese Tanks

(Source: The Armor Journal FB, shared by our faithful reader balc0ra)

Many Islands in the Pacific were so isolated that the Japanese troops stationed there, and they were ignored by the Allied Forces, they simply abandoned their equipment when the Second World War ended and when they returned to the Japanese motherland. Among this equipment were also tanks, groups of them are still rusting in the jungle today…

These Type 95 Ha-Go light tanks were abandoned by the Japanese garrison on Pohnpei/Micronesia after the capitulation of Imperial Japan in 1945.

Seb: for actually winning the war, they should have protected only the crucial islands, not those useless tiny bits of land… This was just one big mistake of Imperial Japan. There were a lot more, like attacking America, waging war on 2 fronts and not improving their planes… Hmmm… Italians did not improve their planes, too… I guess that without those small mistakes, the world would be a lot worse…

This one is from Peleliu, another Type 95:

More japanese Type-95 Light Tanks that were left on a island in the Pacific when the war ended:

Seb: what a damn waste of material. Out of those 3 weak tanks they could make one actually capable of fighting enemy ones 🙂 . Just my greedy opinion. But they are at least beautiful, I wish they would be restored like those Soviet ones.

See you!