Clan Wars: Armageddon

Source: wot portal


The World of Tanks team is happy to announce the beginning of a new game event called “Armageddon”, which will happen in the near future. Battle campaigns, secret technology, hidden areas, and heated battles – all this and much more awaits you on your way to achieve the main goal – obliterate the world’s evil and venture to the new Global Map.


Clan Wars Event: Armageddon

The world of Global Map we used to know is doomed and faces an imminent risk of disaster, which threatens to put an end to the Global War in turmoil for 4 years. This disaster threatens all  Global Map inhabitants – the World of Tanks Clans.

The only way to survive is to find a place to build a new world – a new Global Map.

Unfortunately, there is no clan that possesses the technology to move to the new Global Map but there is still hope!

According to retrieved secret data, the once mighty and dreadful, but now defeated, Evil Empire has the necessary knowledge and technology to move between worlds.

As it turns out, there are numerous secret bases of the Empire around the world, storing unique technology and inventions. One of these inventions is an aircraft which utilising propulsion technologies still unobtainable by modern science: the Belluzzo wheels (UFOs).

The task for clans will be to search for and seize the Belluzzo wheels and use them to travel to a hidden area – the New Swabia. There, the remnants of the Imperial Forces are making the final preparations for their own relocation to the new Global Map. For this purpose, they have built a secret spaceport and supply reactors. Clans are to defeat the Imperial Forces and capture these secret facilities.


About the Event

All game events will be based on a system of staged tasks that each clan will receive individually. The result of which will be based on the success of completing each of the tasks.

The main Prize in this fight against the Evil Empire will be a unique Tier VIII Premium Tank – the IS-5 (Object 730), painted in a special unique camouflage. In addition, the best players will be awarded with medals, specially designed for the event. Also, all the clans that take a part in the event will have the opportunity to fill their clan treasury with gold that they can get by capturing and owning the provinces on the Event Map.

Once the “Armageddon” event goes live, two maps will be available to the players: The first map is the Event Map, specifically designed for the event, and the second – the regular Global Map with standard rules.

During the game event, all clans will be able to switch between the maps freely or leave at any time if they so choose.

Also, during the event, mini-quests will be unavailable. Keeping in mind that the time for completion of the Expedition quests is 2 weeks, we will pause the Expedition quests assignment until the event ends. Once the quests resume, scenarios will be assigned again according to your progress. The Expedition quests will be assigned according to your progress at the time of the pause.

Expedition quests stopped being issued on 26 May 2015 at 09:00 CEST (UTC+2).

The quests will resume being issued on 20 June at 09:00 CEST (UTC+2).


Awards and achievements

As was the case in previous events and campaigns, by participating in the event, clans will receive Fame Points and individual players will earn Personal Fame points.

1. The main prize in “Armageddon” will be 4,500 IS-5 (Object 730), Soviet Tier VIII Premium heavy tanks, which will be distributed to the best players from the best clans in accordance to the event results.

Also, as we want to help more players become the owners of this tank and anticipate great interest in the vehicle, we will provide the opportunity to the event participants to purchase a total of 6,500 IS-5 tanks with in-game gold. Thus the total number of tank owners will be increased from 4,500 to 11,000.
2. The prize system of awarding gold will be changed compared to previous events in order to allow more clans to get gold. It will be as follows:

  • The total income of both maps during the event will be combned into a single fund.
  • Province income on the Global Map with standard rules will be substantially reduced. The subtracted income will be directed to the Event Map.
  • All provinces on the Event Map will generate the same amount of in-game gold. As a result, the total income of the map per day will be increased significantly.

As a result, more clans participating in the event will have the opportunity to earn substantial amounts of gold in the game.

3. Clans who participate in the “Armageddon” event have the opportunity to win unique medals:


Title Description
“Soldier of the Last War” Awarded to players who participate in at least five battles on the Event Map during the Armageddon event.
“Seeker” I Class Awarded for winning a landing tournament in the New Swabia.


Awarded to all members belonging to the clan at the end of the event.

“Seeker” II Class Awarded for completion of the task: “Belluzzo Disc”.

Awarded to all members belonging to the clan at the end of the event.

“Seeker” III Class Awarded for completion of the task “Control Center”.

Awarded to all members belonging to the clan at the end of the event.

“Top Secret”

Awarded for completion of the task “Launch Pad”.

Awarded to all members belonging to the clan at the moment of the task’s completion.

“The Guardian” Awarded for defending a province marked as an event target against a rival clan.

Awarded to all members belonging to the clan at the moment of battle victory.

“Apocalypse Knight” Awarded to the clans owning a “Spaceport” province in New Swabia at the end of the event.

Awarded to all members belonging to the clan at the end of the event.

In addition, these clans will get territories on the new Global Map after its official release.