Wargaming.FM Transcript (WoT)

– In one day, the players write 15-20 million messages in the combat chat.

-The future system named „Competent Ban” will ban a specific chat channel.

-We will enhance the punishment system;

-The biggest anti-record in history: a player with 16 consecutive battles (played in one day) wrote more than 2.000 obscene messages (his name was something like „aaaaaaa”);

-The idea of notifying both players once the one who was complained about is banned is good, but hard to implement;

-The technical contact list size limit is 1.000 (friends, ignore);

-If you swear a lot you may get a permanent chat ban;

-The Complaint Review department works 24/7;

-You are encouraged to use the complaint system, once the system is finished, we will implement a list of rewards too;