Alternative Ships Competition Winners

Source: world-of-ships livejournal, translated by our official TAP helper Alexey:

Seb: Hope you like these ships, I like alternative historical stuff somewhat (especially alternative wars & weapons), so I hope you do too!

For those who still remember – around 2 and a half months ago I (youroker) started an alternative ships contest on the WoWS forum. It has now concluded and the winners have been determined.

And so:
Best work:

Best visual representation:

The next two works were chosen for the category of best description, so I suggest going and reading about them: here and here (the links are inRussian unfortunately)

Other Interesting works:

A submarine that shoots torpedoes, which are loaded with blimps, which have nets that are filled with naval mines:

Descriptions of these and other cool projects can be found: here (Russian).

Good night!