TAP is now 2 months old!

Now we have passed through 2 cool months. I tried to provide as much content as possible – with help from several friends. I hope that this blog is a good and important news source for you, dear readers.

I want to thank you, dear followers and viewers, for visiting this blog, The Armored Patrol (my brain keeps reminding me about petroleum when i pronounce it, IDK why lol). I keep posting to see you around. The fact that you keep visiting my blog keeps me motivated to write great articles and check my sources for the newest leaks. The few guys from distant countries, like Hong Kong, Vietnam, Morocco, Cyprus, Mauritius, Brunei, the few Russians, to the recent viewer boosts from the Phillipines, Indonesia, and, today, Thailand.

And most of all, to the big 5 reader-filled countries: USA, UK, Germany, Canada and Finland. Runner-ups are French, Polish and the Croats. I humbly thank you for visiting my blog. You rock!

And the fact that you share my articles on several sites and forums makes me very proud – I actually deliver useful information 🙂

You can always help with feedback – I reply to all the comments and I plan on keeping the blog for a long time.

But tomorrow is a very busy day, so I do not know if I can post too much – I have to learn for a big exam. If you do not see me posting, do not worry. I will return after 2 days with lots of articles.

Good night, everyone!