Inspect your tanks easier with

Do you know Tank Inspector? I used it a long time ago. It is really boring after a while. And you have to download it every time a new version appears. And more – I forgot my account.

Do you still want the 3D armor models and all those stats? I have good news for you. You can get them, in your browser:

Presentation (written by the author himself):

TL;DR: I made, it shows tank stats and has 3D armor models for everything. Updated for 9.7. is something I made for myself last year to more easily see stats and armor models. I didn’t like Tank Inspector, or the layout of stuff like tank-compare, so being the developer I am, I reinvented the wheel.

Key features:

  • List of all tanks: Every tank currently in the client, minus the Korean PC bang duplicates. Filterable by tier, type, and nation.
  • Tanks sorted by stats: The same list, but sorted by a stat of your choosing. This comes from running skirmishes, and asking questions like “what’s the highest view range tier 5 tanks?” (answer wtf leaf blower?)
  • Tech tree: Simple and clean, just another way to find a tank (for now)
  • Simple tank stats: A quick overview for the tank. Rather fond of the constraints for an at-a-glance understanding of the gun depression limits.
  • Detailed stats: Everything (almost) you might want to know about the tank. Note that you can change the modules and add equipment or crew skills to see their effect.
  • 3D armor view: Shows armor from any angle, and lets you see the effective armor at any point. The live view shows the penetration chance as you rotate, using the compare tank’s gun. Live colors: red = bounce, green = pen, purple = bounce, light blue = triple overmatch.
  • Tank comparing: Clearly see the differences between two tanks.

Stuff I’m working on next:

  • Redoing the tech tree. This was the first page I made, and it’s not terribly useful anymore. Next version will be more mobile friendly, and will show more info, including XP requirements.
  • Showing the module ‘tech tree’ for tanks. Dependencies, XP to unlock, etc.
  • 3D viewer improvements. Mainly rendering outlines to make edges more distinct.
  • Considering adding skirmish support for faster updates.

Disclaimer: I’m obviously not perfect. If someone more familiar with mechanics sees something that I’m calculating wrong, I’d be happy to fix it. I’m also open to general suggestions and comments.

Who am I? I’m kittenses, an XO at RDDT9. I also made DayZDB, and do this sort of thing full time for ZAM. This is a personal side project.