Mods 4 pros: Tomsa’s Icon Contour Mod

Good evening. Seb is here, presenting something new: Mods. Really cool, but lesser-known mods. Does it sound appealing to you?

Anyway, let’s get to the point. Ever wanted tank icons to contain their names, but in such a way that the icons would still retain most of their shape? I did. And a long time ago, I discovered this mod. It saves up the space wasted for tank names. Check it out:

Download here:

This mod was originally zuamgua’s, then Jackhammer’s, and now it is being updated by Tomsa, after 3 years of updates. In order for it to look right (and not mirrored), you have to turn off the icon mirroring in XVM by editing manually the battle.xc file found in the configs/default XVM folder: set it’s value to “false”.

See you!