Seb is rolling out

Hello, everyone! My name is Sebastian. Since that is a little bit long, you can call me Seb. I have decided to continue the historical work of now-absent Silentstalker. I may not be as professional as him, and I don’t have any Russian knowledge. But I have one thing – a huge interest in tanks, and I plan to use it to the maximum. This interest made me want to tell you about tanks SS told nothing about. Real projects or blueprints ignored by SS himself, even when I messaged them to him.

tl;dr: My purpose here is to continue what SS started, in a better way.

And I beg you guys, if you have any interesting news/leaks about WoWS, WoT or War Thunder, or if you want something interesting posted on the blog, email us here: I promise to check them and respond to the good stuff.