Forgotten British TDs – Part 1

Good evening from the EU! Seb reporting. This is my first historical post, so I am quite excited about it! As the title says, there are several British TDs – Nuffield series, the big, armored gals I really love (especially the AT-2) already in WoT. But did anyone wonder if there are more of them? I did. And with the help of Giganaut (the maker of these 3D renders who allowed me to post them), I am bringing them to your monitors for everyone to see.


You have to guess the tiers 🙂 Sorry about that. Also, there are several TDs I did not post – they do not have a gun, only BESA MGs. But I will find a role for them sometime else – wait and see!



Length: 6.275m
Width: 3.190m
Height: 2.4m/2.395m

Turret: 152/90/90
Hull: 152/102/102

Main: 94mm/3.7 inch howitzer

Weight: 45 tons



Length: 6.275m
Width: 3.311m
Height: 2.175m
Armor: Hull 203/102/102
1 152mm/6inch Infantry Howitzer
1 Flamethrower (mounted on right side of hull) (pretty neat if it would be added in WoT)
2 Cupola-mounted BESA MGs (possible)
Weight: 36 tons


Length: 6.273
Width: 3.312m
Height: 2.375m
Hull 203/101.5/76
1 Sponson mounted 6 pdr with Molin’s Autoloading mechanism
1 Sponson mounted 20mm cannon
1 Flamethrower
Weight: 43 Tons

More to come tomorrow!

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