A long journey awaits

Hello, everybody. This is TAP or ‘The Armored Patrol’ blog singing in. You have to be asking yourselves, what is this blog about, since the description is not as detailed as you might expect it to be?

Well, you might be aware of products such as World of Tanks or War Thunder. If not, here’s a great chance to discover some new interesting things. But since we (yes, this is not a solo blog but we’ll get into that later) are trying to make this go both ways around. Either you want to learn more, or something new – this is the right place.

Of course gaming is not our only subject. We will also talk about military history, and from time to time – some funny content. You might have guessed it already, this blog will concentrate on fighting vehicles such as tanks, warships and warplanes.  We are open to suggestions on how we can improve the blog, that’s why we’re kindly asking you guys – the readers to share your opinion in the comment section.

We also have a Facebook page, so you can stay tuned straight off your everyday website!

Thank you for taking your interest and I hope you will be dropping by again soon.