Flags Update

1 New Flag, 1 Redesigned Flag.

Flags New

Firstly, the Okhotnik flag is for the new russian premium T5 DD.

As for the flag “redesign” they changed the background colour of the Korean Turtle Flag:
Flag Rework

Feel free to share/steal/borrow the pics from this post for sharing.
IGN: Shipmaster_Crook [NA]


7 thoughts on “Flags Update

  1. wth… i already told them which korean turtle flag is wrong. in korean history, there is no two horizontal line(between two vertical line) in middle. but they fixed only bgcolor!? wth… i sent a ticket to na cs center.


  2. Ben. This is Mi Lo(Miguel Parra). those are great flags as always. I was wondering why not link your awesome mod packages to this blog? It would be a great add on!


    1. I am waiting until I get the package completed, as in, reach an instance where I actually have every single ship modded, and with the french cruisers coming fast,that may take awhile.


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