Hearts of Iron IV – Development Diary 58 – Tutorial, Wiki & Browser

Seb: It’s pretty neat that they made up a wiki before the release, but I’m scared about the possibility of this game turning out like Stellaris (with boring parts). I’m sure mods in this case would solve it. And the mods I’m looking forward to the most are WW1, Kaiserreich (HoI2 remake) and something that I was thinking about making myself: A mod that unites the Baltic States into one country, that hopefully would be able to survive the Soviets better. Link to Wiki: http://www.hoi4wiki.com/Beginner’s_guide
Let’s begin with the article:
Hi everyone! Today we will be talking about something pretty important: How to learn how to play Hearts of Iron IV! To help with this we have two important tools: Tutorial & Game Wiki.
Hearts of Iron IV is very much the easiest HOI to get into, but it is still a complex hardcore game, and as such we want people to get the best and smoothest start possible on the way to mastering it.

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HOI4 features a somewhat nonlinear tutorial where you will be starting off as Italy and learning about different aspects of the game. Each step will generally also contain links to in-depth info on the Wiki (more about that soon). Italy is a good country to learn with because it puts you in a pretty easy war with ethiopia right away and it’s pretty much up to you when and how you get involved with WW2. The tutorial is also not something that ends, so you can keep playing on as Italy with the same savegame if you so chose (recommended for first playthrough).
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Hearts of Iron IV – Development Diary 57 – Poland: United and Ready

Seb: The first image can be used as a good wallpaper. Recommended for all our Polish readers!


Hello everyone! We are getting close to release now with preorder started a few days ago.
When we posponed HOI4 release it was mostly a question of getting more time for programmers to fix bugs, which left our scripters and artists a little underused. We figured we would put this to use on adding more flavor and fun for some minor. We have a lot of polish players, so focusing on Poland seemed to be a good idea. We werent sure if we would get this complete on time, and since we wanted to see if this kind of content packs would be well received we figured the best idea was to make it a separate DLC from the base game. Things worked out and it got ready on time, so we decided we should just release it to everyone for free (this isn’t just for preorder, you will get it whenever you buy HOI4, forever).
If this is popular we hope this is the first of a series of packs we’ll make as DLC in the future.

So, what does it contain?

  • Focus tree.
  • 2D art for tanks & planes, complete with flavor names.
  • 2D art for ministers, generals and country leaders.
  • 3D art for infantry and some more well known tanks and planes
  • Some achievements & events.

Polish Focuses
We had two rules when we designed these, first that the Polish focus tree could not be worse than the neutral one and secondly we felt it could not depend on other people’s focus trees.

We made sure that all the benefits you get from neutral tree are still there, but made sure that they carried a lot more Polish flavour. In the end we were able to do some really cool things with Poland. The industrialization efforts of Poland are mainly based a short term national investment called the Four Year Plan. Parts of this plan included heavy investment in infrastructure, activation of the Old Polish Industrial Region and developing the Central Industrial Region. We have taken inspiration from the plan and implemented its different parts as branches of the Polish focus tree.

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HoI IV – World War Wednesday – Co-Op France – Episode 1 + Pre Orders Available

Good evening everyone. Please excuse me for posting so late. I didn’t have exactly the best day in my life (blog-wise) and now I’m just trying to keep up with what I missed. I’ll try to put on TAP everything I can.

First, I’ll begin with the preorders. You have 3 variants: Cadet, Colonel and Field Marshal. For every preorder you recieve free bonus music packs.


Cadet: 40 €, you recieve HoI4, Polish DLC, a wallpaper and a forum icon.

Colonel: 50 €, includes all of the Cadet pack (with a different forum icon), 3D Model sprite packs for ships and tanks,

Field Marshal: 80 €, includes all of the Colonel pack + Art book, forum avatars, a golden forum icon and an expansion pass.

IMO the Expansion pass is the most interesting thing:

Expansion Pass: Includes the first 2 expansions and their related content, to an estimated value of $49.99.

^ This means that HoI4 will get expansions in the future (and I bet that they will be quite expensive).

I also feel that the Polish DLC is interesting.

  • Polish: United and Ready: A Free DLC adds a unique focus tree for Poland, new 3d models for tanks and planes, 2d assets, and extra leader portraits for the ultimate in historical accuracy.

Myself, I won’t preorder, but wait for a sale. It’s too expensive since the minimum wage here is 250 € 😉

Link: https://www.paradoxplaza.com/games?cat=24

Steam Link: http://store.steampowered.com/app/394360/

Now for the video: